12cm Utility Knife


Utility Knife
For Lighter Kitchen Tasks
Useful for Cutting Fruit & Veg
Made from Solid VG-10 Material
Blue Marble Effect Resin Anti Bacterial Handle
60-61 Rockwell Hardness
Razor-sharp bevelled edge 
15 degree angle
Made in Seki, Japan

Refined Ultimate Knife Edge

A knife made from pure VG-10 stainless steel, refined to give the ultimate knife edge. Kasumi’s VG-10 Pro with a single layer of steel ensures the lightest and thinnest knife in the Kasumi collection.

Unlike the other Kasumi ranges, the VG-10 pro is not clad in either Damascus or another steel, with just the VG-10 forming the knife blade, the blades are between 1.8mm and 2.1mm thick. The Pro are some of the thinnest knives available to purchase. Kasumi VG-10 Pro are given a powerfully sharp bevelled edge to provide tools of precision and beauty.

Ergonomic Artistic Handle

The Pro handle is made of a plastic composite material ergonomically shaped for the most adventurous chef. The handle glitters in the light resonating the artistic features of the knife.

Made in Japan

Japan has always revelled in its isolation, a mysterious land filled with mountains, dragons and the sea. The Kasumi has always understood to be a spring mist, a well known phenomenon in Japan, it will settle over the mountains and sheltered valleys of rural Japan. The ‘Kasumi’ describes the pattern on the blades.