20cm Carving Knife Grey


Carving Knife
Can Slice Through Large Joints of Meat
VG-10 Blades coated with Titanium
Ultra Resistant to Corrosion
Black Plastic Handles
Knife blades are inert
Made in Seki, Japan

Sharp & Light Blade

Kasumi Titanium Knives are made using typical High Carbon VG-10 stainless steel, but the blades are coated with titanium to give the blades super resistance to chemical and acid abrasion. The coating also makes the knives inert, so prevent food picking up a metallic taste. The knives are very sharp and feel very light. 

Ergonomic Handle

An Ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable to hold. It is made from plastic that ensures it is hygienic when used in the kitchen. 

Made in Japan

Japan has always revelled in its isolation, a mysterious land filled with mountains, dragons and the sea. The Kasumi has always understood to be a spring mist, a well known phenomenon in Japan, it will settle over the mountains and sheltered valleys of rural Japan. The ‘Kasumi’ describes the pattern on the blades.